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DaMA (Dante Medieval Archive) is a digital archive collecting main classic, late-ancient and medieval sources, latin and vulgar,of Dante’s works and commentaries about Dante’s theoretical and literary thought. DaMA offers on-line, for the first time, together with Dante’s texts (Commedia, Rime, Epistole, Vita Nuova, Egloghe), main epistolary, theological, philosophical and lyrical models of Dante’s works, the complete corpus of latin bucolic poetry (Vergil, Calpurnius Siculus, Nemesianus, Marcus Valerius, Giovanni del Virgilio, Petrarch and Boccaccio), the most significant collections of political correspondence, Guelf and Ghibelline, model of Dante’s Epistole, main late-ancient and medieval Vergil’s (Servius, Nicolaus Trevet) and Horatius’ Ars poetica commentaries. Selected texts are encoded to create corpora to be examinated by static indices and specific queries, specially processed. Within the digital archive or specific corpora of texts, classified by literary genres (bucolic, lyrical, epistolary), it’s also possible to make advanced searches about significant Dante’s iuncturae, directly selected by the user.